Thursday, January 07, 2010


Because I find this hilarious. Greg Ginn tries to give a KWUR station ID back in '86 (I think). Almost, dude. Audio is here.

PS: this was tacked on to the end of a larger interview, which was just finally edited and transcribed, to be made available SOON. We're such teases.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Okay so we're digitizing a bunch of old taped interviews from way back when college radio was important (8/12/86, to be exact), and came across this, uh, gem. It's an audio snippet from an interview we did with The Descendents: two DJs try to get Milo to give a station ID, and he gets creative. A fascinating conversation ensues. Enjoy:

Descendents Station ID + conversation

There's more to come of this kind of thing, soon... (because winter break is here and I've got fuck-all to do).

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


A couple weeks ago Tom Russell stopped by the station before his show at Off Broadway.

We talked about: the state of modern radio, Leonard Cohen's "There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in" and how that applies to shamelessly broadcasting dusty vinyl, fanbase interactions, The Blogosphere, the edginess of Juarez and the borderland, edginess, Dylan, Bukowski, machismo, "insurgent country," the kinship between songwriting and painting that excludes poetry, art, REAL SONGS, "New Folk," "insurgent country," Andy Warhol, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willem de Kooning, Mt. Olive, IL, Mother Jones, Merle Travis' "Dark as a Dungeon" and "Sixteen Tons" & a whole bunch of other subjects that did, as you might expect, include other famous names, but also other things.

For all you KWUR loverboys--TR name-dropped us at Off Broadway that night, citing "graffiti on the walls and DJs sleeping on the floor," that anecdote meandering to the oblique conclusion "America still exists inside used book stores and on the faces of Amish women" (which I believe he credited as a Lenny Bruce paraphrase). This was a sit-down Off Broadway show and the KDHX sponsorship unsurprisingly ensured the joint was brimming with blue hairs appalled at having to wait in line on Lemp before the doors opened. Great show - the man clearly thrives under the spotlight and his on-stage charisma surpasses his studio delivery (not to undercut the albums). I especially dug an extended version of TR's Dave Van Ronk monologue and the included phlegmy DVR impersonations: "shut up and listen to this goddamn song!" and the clever but somewhat meaningless banter introducing "Criminologist," centering around the "New Folk" heroes and their high voices. "Navajo Rug" encore brought down the house (in a staid, sitdownshow sense, natch).

listen to the whole things right here

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Last night Justin Kinkel-Schuster - lead-singer and songwriter for local band Theodore - stopped in, played some songs and talked some talk. We discussed his band's recent label-signing, his recent RFT awards for "best male vocalist" and "best country (alternative)," George Hamilton IV's "Abilene", "high-voiced New Folk heroes," rock operas, and probably some other things. I'll be broadcasting the interview live on the airwaves (@90.3 fm/ at 7 or 8pm (central time, natch), but if you wanna check out the songs right now, give a listen below. Perhaps most importantly, Theodore will be performing tonight at Off Broadway with Samantha Crain and it promises to be a blockbuster humdinger bonanza mindblower so, you know, keep that in mind. Hopefully we'll get the full band in the studio some time soon.

Theodore - Death's Head

Theodore - I Won't Be a Stranger

Theodore - Abilene

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hellooooooooo Broooooooklyyyyynnn
Photo courtesy RFT and Egan O'Keefe

Sat down with Matt and Kim before last night's sold out show at Off Broadway (Stack Sessions alumni Gentleman Auction House opened) and chatted about their VMA nominated video, what it's like to be huge now, and life on the tour bus. For as much fun as it was (and believe me, it was a lot of fun), the duo also offered an interesting and well-spoken take on their fame and appearances in various commercials. Oh, also, it looks like Ben Allen will be producing their next album (he produced "Merriweather Post Pavilion" and Gnarls Barkley's last). Exciting!

Download the interview HERE.

And check out the RFT's coverage of the show HERE. If you missed it, you might have missed one of this year's best concerts.

Also, I think we're going to start publishing interviews in text form. Thoughts on this?

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Friday, July 10, 2009


SO - just confirmed two more Stack Sessions - Dead Confederate (the lower picture) on Wednesday and Sonic Youth (the upper picture) on Friday. Those, on top of everything else going on this week, should keep us fairly busy. Here's the rundown in full, lest we forget:

Saturday: These United States (interview)
Sunday (2:30PM): Gentleman Auction House (in-studio)
Monday (6:30PM): Exercise (in-studio)
Wednesday (6PM): Dead Confederate (in-studio)
Friday: Sonic Youth (interview)

You can listen in online at and on the radio at 90.3 FM.


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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Zydeco legend CJ Chenier stopped by to play a few songs and chat with Zak before his show at Pop's a few weeks ago. He brought along his ballin' accordion and a washboard player, and jammed out a few tunes on air. Check the whole interview here, and download/listen to the songs below.

Louisiana Two-Step (live)

You Don't Need To Cry (live)
Got My Eyes On You (live)

oh ps we're in the process of switching over to a new blog client, hopefully something that will take megaupload out of the equation and let us host audio in-house. stay tuned for details as they unfold!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Ben and Bobby of the NYC outfit Benyaro hung out at the station last Wednesday, played some tunes and shot the shit about their new album, making music in New York City, and why I wasn't wearing pants during the interview (I think I was, but Bobby might disagree). The interview was excellent, and they also played a few rad new songs, which you can grab below!


Bullet Like Belief
(off their self-titled first release)
Cutting Words (new!)
Dog (new!)

Pictures (hopefully) coming soon.

Oh, and a quick shout-out/thanks to the RFT music blog, A To Z, for mentioning us. We appreciate it!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First up, new sessions to announce:

July 12 - Gentleman Auction House
July 13 - Exercise
July 28 - Langhorne Slim

Very excited to have all of the above in the studio to perform, although fitting all of Gentleman Auction House in the lounge is gonna be interesting. There are more sessions being confirmed as I write this, so keep yr eyes on the blog.


I sat down with Michael Lerner, the creative force and drummer behind Telekinesis, for a chat about the process of making the new record and St. Louis summers, among other things. I believe you can hear the Smashing Pumpkins in the background throughout - Billy Corgan, please don't sue us.


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Friday, June 26, 2009


(poster by John Vogel)

So Many Dynamos are playing a CD release show/party for their new album "The Loud Wars" at The Firebird tomorrow (more info here), and to getchaself ready, you can download and listen to an interview we did with them this past Wednesday. We spoke about the process of making the album, the St. Louis music scene, and what happens when Dave Matthews Band records are sent to the station.

Check it here!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Awhile ago, Jon Hardy (of Jon Hardy + The Public) was in the station to discuss the band's new EP "Little Criminals" (available for free download from the RFT and KDHX) and how they made this totally fucking awesome music video, among other things. You can download the interview HERE, and as an added bonus, there are a few songs from the EP sprinkled throughout. Hoping to have these guys back in for a full-on in-studio, but right now it looks like that won't happen for another couple of months. Keep your ears and eyes peeled, though.

(photo courtesy of JH+TP myspace)


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(excellent poster design courtesy of Bob Hartzell)

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Phil and Elroy from Cut Off Your Hands about the New Zealand music scene, departed band members, how their sound is progressing, and what it really means to stand around the water cooler at work. They played the Firebird with Viva Voce, and all bands involved put on a killer show. The interview was a lot of fun and you can check it HERE. ((sorry about the sound quality at the beginning, I was still getting a hang on how to use the Marantz)).

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