Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quasi-interview: White Rabbits

Before last night's show with White Denim and the Walkmen, I had a chance to talk with Alex Even, guitarist for the White Rabbits. While I didn't have the chance to prepare for a more comprehensive interview, Alex was gracious enough to give me these little nuggets:

On Columbia, MO: A great place to start a band. They were able to get all their embarrassing stuff out [of their system] there.

On Wash U: He's heard of it! Fond memories.

On the band that will be the next White Rabbits: White Denim (When I asked the question, I was referring to another band from Columbia, but hey, White Denim was great, so no complaints here)

On the Walkmen: "Inspiring"


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Walkmen and White Rabbits to play Blue Hill

This should be interesting. The Riverfront Times is reporting that the Walkmen will be playing at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill on January 21. Opening will be the White Rabbits. The White Rabbits' great new album, Fort Nightly, is, um, influenced by the Walkmen (by influenced, I mean shamelessly rips off, not that that's necessarily a bad thing). Can the student surpass the teacher? It's something I definitely want to find out.

Also, check out Dylan's review of the first track off Fort Nightly, "Kid On My Shoulders," just a few posts down.

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