Saturday, February 27, 2010

Portugal. The Man interview...

KWUR DJ/Production Coordinator/National Heartthrob DJ Dependable sits down for a live, casual interview with members from Portugal. The Man at approximately 8PM central. Listen in at or on 90.3FM, and then go to the 9PM show at the Gargoyle!

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Ladies, Gentleman, and Smizmars:

We are oh so happy to bring you a week of crazy fun time concert excitement, starting as soon as Wednesday. Important things to know:

-It's at the Gargoyle
-It's 18+ only. Sorry, guys.
-Robert Byrd is the longest sitting Congressman in the history of the US
-FREE with Wash U ID, 5 bucks without it
-Doors at 8, Show at 8:30ish
-It's going to be unforgivably awesome.

Shows you will like include:
Wednesday, Folk/Blues Night with Drakkar Sauna and Illinois John Fever

Thursday, KWUR Dance Party/DJ Showcase Part Deux with Phaseone, DJ Invisible Cola, and DJs Neil O'Kelly and Greg Sergay

Friday, Hip-Hop Night with Sadat X from Brand Nubian and Dudley Perkins

Saturday, Wave Night with Boogie Boarder, Darlings and Spelling Bee

Go to every show. By reading this blog post, you have signed an internet contract which makes you have to go to every show. If you do not, legal ramifications will result.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Album Review: Freeway and Jakeone, "The Stimulus Package"

(Philly) Freeway is best known for having the second best guest verse on the best single off the worst Jay-Z album like ten years ago. This album tries to strike a balance between the Minneapolis Rhymesayers Brother Ali sound and NY street grind and mostly fails, largely due to lethargic rhymes and indifferent beats. Other people might like this. By the way, when's the Memphis Bleek album coming out?

7 has the most hooks and the most on-vacation Raekwon verse you ever wanted to hear.

BUT, if you really like hip-hop, I know you're going to come out to see the LEGENDARY Sadat X on Friday the 19th. Rah KWUR Week!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Album Review: Hot Chip, "One Life Stand"

Gently straddling the border between electronic and wave stands this English band. As usual, the vocals are shared between the higher-pitched Alexis Taylor and the more mellow voiced Joe Goddard and, as always, the songs benefit from the dichotomy.

Though a lot of the songs are obviously electronics based, their composition and presentation seems more in line with rock music. A lot of their preparation for the album came from extended time in the studio, not something you necessarily expect from an "electronic" band.

The really nice thing, to me, is that each of these songs is an individual on this album, yet it remains distinctively a Hot Chip release.

Some songs seem taken from a house music kind of sensibility (even a Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer kind of sound on track 8) while others are practically wave ballads.

Special note: Tracks 2, 4 and 6 feature Charles Hayword of This Heat on drums and vox (the latter only on track 6).

1++++(KICK ASS, oscillators), 2+++(nice mix & strings), 3++(electro-dance, auto-tune), 4+++(single, great chorus), 5++(pretty, nice build), 6+++(Hayward on back-up vox, also super pretty ballad), 7++++(gorgeous, low-key yet upbeat), 8 (least favorite track), 9++(interesting percussion, solid), 10+++(nice mix of styles)

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I'm Never Gonna Give It To You...

So a few posts ago, we gave you a review of the new Owen Pallet album Heartland. Here is an in-studio (live) performance of "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" (aka the best song on the album) from CBC's Studio Q (thanks to P4k).

That this is a live performance makes this song even more exciting. If you weren't aware, Pallet primarily performs songs live alone or with one other person (as in this performance, seen here with Thomas Gill) but his arrangements seem to require more than just one or two people. To make up for this (and add a whole lot of awesome), Pallet plays part of the arrangement on a keyboard or violin and then loops it over itself. This deepens the sound and enables him to play something else. I am also in complete awe at his control to play the violin and sing (listen for the chorus's melody on the violin during the 3rd verse).

In other news, the review of the new Hot Chip album will be posted in the couple of days, so be on the lookout.

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Theodore In-Studio Part II

Startin momentarily - listen up folks! KWUR.COM / 90.3 FM

photo stolen from theodore myspace

mixed bag

Luv N Haight released this compilation of rare 70s soul tracks by this dude Darondo, and we thank them for that.

The name really says it all. Cam sorta belongs to the downtempo genre, but this first album (both studio and live tracks) is really just some nice jazz/hip-hop stuff.

Funk, soul, psychedelic, etc. Love that album cover.

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Hey all --

stack sessions is back and out of beta! we have a couple of new staff members workin' real hard to bring all sorts of live music to the masses via the KWUR studios. Here's what's set up so far:

February 8: Theodore
February 12: Two Man Gentlemen Band
February 13: Generationals
February 20: Title Tracks

and there's more to come....

OH YEAH DON'T FORGET KWUR Week is coming, too. Check below for the details, okay.


Thursday, February 04, 2010



We are live as I write this, folks. The schedule is packed - most nights go until 4 or 5 AM - so if you happen to make an early morning commute along Forest Park Parkway, tune in for 15 minutes. Also I can say, completely without bias, that this is one of the best semesters of programming we've lined up since I've been involved at KWUR. PLEASE LISTEN (here)!



Come join KWUR as we celebrate a week of the best in underground, alternative, cutting edge music!

All shows at The Gargoyle ( Doors at 8, shows start at 8:30. Free for Wash U students, 5 bucks for non Wash-U folks. Open to the public but 18+ only, sorry.

February 17th: Folk/Blues Night
Drakkar Sauna (
Illinois John Fever (

February 18th: KWUR Dance Party/DJ Showcase Part Deux
Phaseone (
KWUR faves DJ Invisible Cola and DJs Neil and Greg

February 19th: Hip-Hop Night
Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) (
Dudley Perkins (

February 20th: Wave Night
Boogie Boarder (
Darlings (
Spelling Bee (



Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Album Review: Owen Pallett, "Heartland"

RiYD: St. Vincent, The Zombies, Stephin Merritt, 20th Century Classical Music

The man formerly known by the moniker Final Fantasy finally releases something under his own name. It's definitely the same kind of sound he's had for a while, but it's sonically much more adventurous.

Pallett is known for live sets in which he performs with little more than a violin or a viola and a few loop pedals. Here, he really fleshes out his sound with some glorious orchestrations. This guy really has done a lot over the years to develop a sound that is truly his own and, even though the album is almost too dense on a first listen, its harder to digest bits become all the more rewarding.

In addition, this whole thing is a concept album that forms a narrative about a farmer named Lewis who lives in a world called "Spectrum." Each song is from Lewis's P.O.V. in conversation with his creator (aka Owen Pallett). YES!

Try: 8+++ (great combo of electric and organic, use of "parallax" in the lyrics, joyful build), 1++, 5++ (Be My Baby drums), 6, 4, 11+, 7

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Album Review: Postdata, "Postdata"

Acoustic singer-songwriter hustle, the kind with fret squeaks and a singer (Wintersleep's Paul Murphy) singing softly like he wants to bed you. Sounds a bit like Smog, sounds a lot like Bon Iver. Other people might like this more than I do; I found it perfectly pleasant, but not too exciting.

Play: 1, 2, 3+, 7