Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road trip radio report: shout-out to KRCL 90.9 Salt Lake City

It's memorial day weekend, the start of summer, and while many of you are having fun in St. Louis many more of you are roaming the earth in search of fun and success. I myself just drove from STL to SF, via I-80 through Wyoming, Utah and Nevada, ending up in Berkeley. For music along the way I mostly stuck to the trusty ipod car adapter, but when we got to Salt Lake City my girlfriend started scanning the dial just to see what was on. I must admit, I was expecting nothing but Mormon Tabernacle stations and other wholesome fare, but to the left of the dial I was pleasantly surprised to hear a deep cut from Cut Copy, followed by a track from Van She. Australian indie-dance in Salt Lake City?? Lo and behold I was listening to KRCL 90.9, SLC's community supported radio station. I called in and talked to the DJ, who as it turns out was subbing for "Emily" who normally did a show at that time. After we hung up, they dedicated the next song to me (Royksopp's single Happy Up Here.) I was referred to as "the Wash U guy." Awesome!

Check 'em out:


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