Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey folks,

Tune in for KWUR's homemade debate coverage. We've got a panel of Washington University Political Review folks and special guests, and KWUR madmen broadcasting live from the madhouse of Spin Alley. Pre-debate stuff starts around 7, post-debate stuff starts when, you know, the debate ends (Flyer says 10, but think more 9:30).

Fact: Unlike Fox News, KWUR's debate team has no convicted felons.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Oh, it is catching. Please tune in to us (90.3 FM, www.kwur.com, channel 21 on your campus cable) or to WUTV (channel 22 on your campus cable) at 8 tomorrow to hear our contribution to the rabid election mania that is setting this campus ablaze. Our very own, David Rheinstrom, will be hosting the Warm Bucket Special, chatting it up about "what is VP?", "Palin: O RLY?" and "Biden can has cheezburger?" with Professor Steven S. Smith, Kate M. Gregg Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy and Greg Allen, the editor-in-chief of the Washington University Political Review.

Fun fact: unlike MSNBC, no one on KWUR/WUTV's election team is a half-crazed syphilitic.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Raucous Rock 'n' Roll Fights, Volume 1

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sub Pop Singles Club: August

Recently, everyone's favorite Seattle institution, Sub Pop records, re-established their well known singles club to celebrate their 20 anniversary. For $75, 1500 lucky subscribers will receive a special 7inch 45rpm record every month for one year. I'll review them all right here on the KWUR Blog.

The now sold out series started in August with our favorite California psychedelic doom band, OM.

"Gebel Barkal" b/w "(Version)"

OM formed from the ashes of the rhythm section of stoner rock band, Sleep. Featuring just bass and drums, OM delivers the right mix of heavy slow rhythms and soothing psychedelic chants. This release is the first with new drummer, Emil Amos.

"Gebel Barkal" doesn't deviate too much from that formula, which is a good thing - it's perfect for throwing on the turntable for a quick (four minute) light-up.

But, the real jem here is the B-side, "(Version)". "(Version)", quite simply, is a "dub remix" of the A-side. The reverb has been turned up slightly, some delay added, and a few fancier drum fills thrown in, for an even smoother psychdelic dub jam.

I have no clue what Sub Pop has in store for September (that's part of the fun), but it should be arriving in my mailbox soon. However, we have been promised that within the next 11 releases, we should at least see material from: Unnatural Helpers, Tyvek, Black Mountain, Black Lips, Arthur & Yu, Mika Miko, Blues Control, and Notwist. Of course, some surprises should be in store as well.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Community Programming

We've got a few special programs on the schedule, done by folks from the greater Wash U community, that I'd like to draw your attention to.

Tuesdays 6:30-7:00 - Kemper Art Waves

Every other Tuesday, join curators and friends from the Kemper as they discuss art and kulcha. This Tuesday, Dr. Meredith Malone discussed the exhibit "The Birth Of The Cool", opening this Friday at the Kemper. In two weeks, Kemper Art Waves will return with an interview of a musicologist specializing in Miles Davis.


Fridays 6:30 - 7:00 - Cadenza Radio

Tune in on Fridays to hear the editors of Cadenza, Student Life's arts and entertainment section, hold forth on movies of all sizes and shapes. Last Friday, they reviewed "Burn After Reading" and commented on Moolah's midnight showing of "Shawn Of The Dead". This week, WHO KNOWS? You can get the fancy shmancy podcast on Stud Life's website.


Also coming to the community airwaves: The Writing Program (soon to wednesdays from 2 to 3, featuring readings of Writing Program and guest writers, as well as interviews), and who knows, maybe SU?

If you are a community group (whether Wash U or the greater St. Louis area), and you are interested in getting on the air, please shoot me an email at gm[at]kwur.com. There are still a few open slots, and I'd be happy to show you the ropes and make it happen.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall '08 Schedule

Tune in over the air on 90.3 FM or stream it.

Time BlockShow NameGenreTaglineDescription
0]00:00-0]00:00~~Anonymous Broadcast~~

0]00:00-0]00:00Nothing On But The RadioWave & Hip Hop
a show that'll put the meanness in your swaggger, the swagger in your step, the scowl in your grimace, and the meanness in your step
0]01:00-0]03:00I can help you.Experimental, Oddity, Spoken WorkTherre is still hope out there for you freaks.Come and tune in on the night ride. We are friends. Unheard of sounds and beats, mindfuck, music, interviews, stories, and more. When we share our problems...
0]10:00-0]12:00Origami LlamaLo-fi, noise, and indie rock with a smattering of everything else.We'll pretty much play anything--as long as it's loud enough!Eclectic early morning music to soothe one into the day.
0]13:00-0]14:00BadonkafunkJazz/FunkWe've got some funk in the trunk.DJ Rose and DJ Sauce bring you a funky start to your night.
0]14:00-0]15:00The Mixed Tapelife, the universe and everythinglike High Fidelity without all the whiney bitchasseryI dig awesome tunes. I like to put them in playlists. I make a lot of them. Each one usually has a theme. I want to share some.
0]15:00-0]16:00The St. Louis Brunch DispatchElectro-Rock Nonsense, Techno, IDM, Downtempo.I'm invisible - an eraser of lunch.Sunday afternoons are the perfect time for recovering your strength and preparing for the week ahead by absolutely rocking out over eggs and a mimosa.
0]16:00-0]17:00The People's KeyFolk/Blues/World (roots)Music with Roots, From Around the WorldFrom American Blues to Zimbabwean Mbira Music; from the acoustic guitar to the kora...this music has roots!
0]17:00-0]18:00Illegal ImmigrationSoul/Fun(k)/Blues?no holds barredIf you enjoy adventure, great music, and hopping barbed wire fences, then Illegal Immigration is for you! Tune in for a smooth blend of soul, funk, blues, and coyotes!
0]18:00-0]19:00 A Jew Named SueCountryAlt-Country MayhemNone of that Garth Brooks crap.
0]19:00-0]20:00Hippocleides Doesn't CareMemphis Soul Stew"I got testicles given to me by the US Government"Successor to The Roux and Greetings From The Oversoul, HDC is an hour of mostly sixties soul from the south, but with tendrils growing into funk, afro-funk and hip-hop, basically, anything that makes the booty move
0]20:00-0]22:00Peanut Butter & Jellyroll!Country and BluesI got to have it right now!Got that good thing to make a Monkeyman leave his home!
0]22:00-1]00:00Fat Soul Heroeship hop/soul/folk/blues/jazz/worldEating pop crap for breakfast.Servin' up a plethora of the cool, funky, and old time. We are fat heroes of soul.
1]00:00-1]01:00Restless Leg SyndromeWaveDo you EVER stop tapping your feet?Jangle n Fuzz
1]01:00-1]02:00Return of the Boom BapHip-HopYou better ask somebody.Golden age hip-hop to fuck y'all up. The classics and forgotten gems from circa '87-96.
1]12:00-1]13:00LiberationHip Hop/Electronic/Ambience

1]13:00-1]14:00They Fight Crime!Wave
He's a suave Amish astronaut on a mission from God. She's a wealthy mute socialite descended from a line of powerful witches. They fight crime!
1]15:00-1]16:00Grendel's BasementMetal, Punk, stuff your mom hates.Real music for real men (or really cool women).What else would a legendary monster listen to? Emo? Grendel with a fringe? C'mon! He listens to Slayer, Queens of the Stone Age, The Melvins, Bad Religion, and Baroness. Be like Grendel, feel the burn.
1]16:00-1]17:00Refractory PeriodExperimental, WaveLetting your neurons rest...for a momentAfter listening to some soothing wave, the only way to make the neurons fire in the brain is to increase the simtuli. Brain, meet experimental. Experimental, Brain.
1]17:00-1]18:00Satellite of Lovewave, dub, post-punk

1]18:00-1]18:30Free Speech Radio NewsNews

1]19:00-1]20:00The Road HomeSmooth as SalmonCome and ride with us.Let us linger in the hinderlands.
1]20:00-1]22:00Circadian RhythmsWaveThe fruit of the musical loom
1]22:00-2]00:00Out of PhaseExperimental

2]00:00-2]02:00Umbrella on Thunder Mountainfree jazz or outside the cityRaise 'em up high, Toothless Kinch the ´┐Żbermensch!First Mate Felix y Captain Stefco return for another episode of cosmic adventures. Expect turtle blues or raging soul hangers.
2]09:00-2]10:00Steal Steal GroundWaveUp Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
2]12:00-2]13:00unhappy birthday partywave
a mish mash of wave, electronica, hip hop, etc
2]13:00-2]14:00Breakin' Out the Katanasoundtrack of the ivory tower...because ninjas definitely listen to better music than you do.Wave-y, indie-rock with occasional forays into the pop area for irony and into the local area for the awesomeness. Featuring the weekly segment of things that make the Captain want to break out the katana. She may be wearing a yurobi the whole time. Or not. We'll see...
2]14:00-2]15:00Arm Your Joy!WaveBring the pain to your happinessWe bring you songs from all over the genre and talk about it.
2]15:00-2]16:00DJ in Search of a Show TitleJazz, BluesNone neededYou'll hear Jazz (and a bit of Blues) from past,present, and who knows?-maybe the future too.
2]16:00-2]17:00Triple Word ScoreWaveDid I stutter?Triple Word Score brings you the smooth sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, hosted by a recovering Scrabble addict. Look out for brand new features, such as "Guess the processed food."
2]17:00-2]18:00nite sweatsindie/pop/noisewave begins herethis show is dope
2]18:00-2]18:30Free Speech Radio NewsNews

2]18:30-2]19:00Kemper Art Wavesart panel/discussion
Kemper Art Waves, a biweekly talk show produced by the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, will seek to inspire students to discuss and connect to art, artists, and contemporary life.
2]19:00-2]20:00KWUR Theater of the AirRadio TheaterBroadcast in RetroScope!Presenting the very best in original and classic radio theater.
2]20:00-2]22:00Jew y Gentileeclectic

2]22:00-3]00:00Dive Into VenusWave, Funk/Soul, JazzIt's hot in thereThink you're hot shit? Email diveintovenus@gmail.com to get on the show.
3]00:00-3]01:00Real Horrorshowmetal & darkwaveSlooshy thou well, droogie.metal, deathrock, aggrotech, ebm, goth, satan blood death blood blood
3]01:00-3]02:00CohabitationGenre-rifficPlaying nice together since 2007New and improved and expanded! All the wave, hiphop, dance, punk, ska, and metal you love, now with a new focus on blues and soul.
3]09:00-3]10:00Jams EconoWaveVery enjoyable
3]13:00-3]14:00What a Strange Coincidence!Wave, etc.Live Every Week Like It's Shark WeekThey keep talking about study breaks...
3]15:00-3]16:00Attacked by SquirrelsWaveNew Music, Local Shows, and Indie FavsAttacked by Squirrels showcases some of the best new music in wave, previews shows coming to St. Louis, and plays some great indie in between.
3]16:00-3]18:00The Judgment HourNew Releases
And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good -- Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?
3]18:00-3]18:30Free Speech Radio NewsNews

3]19:00-3]20:00The Sports Dudessports talk showsports talk showThree of the sports world's brightest and opinionated minds go at it and discuss a wide arrange of contemporary sports topics. We'll talk about issues like steroids to cheating in the NFL. Each show will feature the week's headlines and our expert's "games of the week."
3]20:00-3]22:00THUNDERGARMENTSwave/local/alternativeprogrammingSaint Louis is Alive!Thundergarments spotlights the bright lights that burn in River City. This show features live performances and interviews with local and regional artists in our fair Saint Louis.
3]22:00-4]00:00Metallic EclecticaMetalYour Dad Loves MetalThink Metal is simply a bunch of Pre-Neanderthals banging idiotically on their instruments? Let me prove you wrong. From Black to Death, Emocore to Grindcore and everything in between. Only the very best that metal has to offer.
4]00:00-4]02:00Introducing the LeopardPeanut ButterWe Will Crush YouYou risked your life for us........thanks.
4]13:00-4]14:00The Floor is Lavawave, synthThe floor really is lava, don't touch it
4]14:00-4]15:00The Harum Scarum Houralternative programming

4]15:00-4]17:00Belly of a WhaleFolk, Traditional, TheatricalFiddles, Mandolins, and Synthesizers
4]17:00-4]18:00Radio ArborealWave/SpokenMusic. Et Cetera.Music radio meets theatre and journalism. Guest speakers, readers and musicians meet the everyman atop a canopy of independent music releases.
4]18:00-4]18:30Free Speech Radio NewsNews

4]19:00-4]20:00Punctual Crusaders of the World and BeyondPhat Beatzcuz you can't be late savin' the world.songs to satiate your most intimate desires.
4]20:00-4]22:00Deep in the Crates of SoulSoul Funk Hip Hop JazzIt's called Deep for a reason...Deep funk, deep soul, beats, samples, hip-hop, library, jazz, instrumentals. Budding producers could probably stream this show and just start chopping with their 303's...
4]22:00-5]00:00Rude Italian Hand GesturesWAVEI'm going to put my foot in your ass and make it this bigAnd we also like to Google image search cute baby animals. Have a nice day!
5]00:00-5]01:00Broken NailsWave, PunkAngry Girl, Angry MusicHardcore, punk, and even a little new-wave selected by one very melancholy girl. Now with special local band nights!
5]01:00-5]02:00New Car SmellWave +what's not to like?The best in wave and other wave-like genres, with a focus on the new and the sorta-new.
5]09:00-5]10:00The Scientific MethodJazz

5]11:00-5]12:00Show Not FoundTrance and ChilloutThe show requested was not found.A mix of the Trance and Chillout genres. Turn up the base -- screw the treble!
5]12:00-5]13:00Postmodern RadioWave/ElectronicaWe Will Control All That You See & HearSit back for an hour and lose yourself in beats of the present and future. A blend of wave and electronica guaranteed to make you feel just right.
5]14:00-5]15:00SkaquakePunk/SkaSan Diego Rude. In St. Louis.Keeping St. Louis rude since 2007.
5]15:00-5]16:00Down at the CrossroadsBluesMuddy, Buddy, Robert, Hubert and FriendsBlues from as far back as I can find em, to the most recent. Come get a taste of the greatness
5]16:00-5]17:00The Swing SetJazz, Funk, Blues, etc...Fly by the seat of your pants
5]17:00-5]18:00Jazz in the ParkJazz/ Blues

5]18:00-5]18:30Free Speech Radio NewsNews

Half hour talk show about movies, music and art, hosted by Student Life's arts and entertainment editors
5]19:00-5]21:00The Big OWave/Electronica/FolkO, what a show! Omaha to Orlando, these are the songs we get funky tow.
5]22:00-5]23:00The ArmoryMetalCthulhu's alarm clockHeavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, Grindcore, etc. None o' that Def Leppard crap. + More Lovecraft references.
6]11:00-6]14:00Musica EsotericaClassical(mostly) unfamiliar classical musicClassical music of all genres and eras, with emphasis on neglected and unfamiliar works.
6]14:00-6]15:00Tu-O-TuWorld, WaveFunI will try to play a good mixture of wave and world, with the world genre including some Turkish tunes.
6]15:00-6]16:00Jazz LoungeJazzLounging with JazzExploring the world of jazz. Everything from the earliest improvisations of Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins up until the modern sounds of Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Paul Motian, Keith Jarrett...etc
6]16:00-6]18:00the party bargeavant-garde, funk, avante-garde funknothing stops the party bargein sickness and in health, in fear and in love, in pain and in pleasure the party barge rolleth along
6]18:00-6]20:00Ear Worm RadioWave

6]20:00-6]22:00Things About StuffExperimental / Talk / Etc / Exploratory/ Everything/ NothingLet's share an experience.I'm going to do whatever, and you're going to listen. Hooray. There will be guests. Lots of guests. And the show will be awesome.
6]22:00-7]00:00Hiphoprockstar RadioHip-HopMusic You've Never HeardHip-Hop/Rap records that you have never heard in your life, because they just came out this week.



Listen 24/7 via 90.3 FM in UCity and streaming worldwide at KWUR.COM

special bigups to soul/funk/blues/country Sundays and of course, my own, the one and only reunited Peanut Butter & Jellyroll! show, now Sundays 8pm-10pm Central.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My slapdash review of the new Kings on Leon, after one listen

Thursday, September 04, 2008

RATM Goes A Capella at the RNC

"Rage Against the Machine showed up to perform a show outside of the Minnesota State Capitol for the Ripple Effect music festival on Tuesday, but the concert was shut down. The band was set to perform at 6:30P, however police denied the band access to the stage."Read more ┬╗


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Album Review: The Watson Twins, "Fire Songs"

You probably know 'em from Jenny Lewis and ___, pop-py alt-country that sounds like, well, Rilo Kiley. This album is hit-or-miss. It misses due to limp, meandering songwriting. But when it hits...damn. These girls have incredible voices, they wring songs like sponges. Great production values, too.

Play: 1++ (funnest on album), 2 [4](Cure cover, not so hot), 9++, 10+++ (oh, wow), 11++