Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Saturday Evening Post-up (11/1/08)

Hope everyone had a spOoOoOoky Halloween. DJ reviews of what we're spinning:

These Arms Are Snakes - "Tail Swallower And Dove"

Intriguing post-hardcore that fulfills expectations set by their previous releases - but full of surprises in every track. Intense and moody, but not over-the-top, cliche, or monotonous in any way. Solid drums establish dance-y beats that are fun yet not pop-happy or sugary. This CD is like a ten course meal - so good, you want to eat it over and over. Track 2 is awesome, despite disclaim. Makes me wish my arms were snakes.

RIYL: The Blood Brothers, Frodus, Minus The Bears
Play: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

Kings Of Leon - "Only By The Night"

"Only By The Night" starts off as a fairly solid album, with some nice and slow but catchy songs. Sounds like mellow bluesy rock, starts off good but fails to hold my attention after the first few songs. The vocals can get a little too whiny.

Play: 1, 2

Jay Reatard - "Matador Singles '08"

Garage-synth-punk done right. Goes from exciting and upbeat (1-6) to dark 'n moody (7-9) to chill and cool (11, 12); but manages to stay awesome and fit together. Reatard is a freakin' genius. You're weird if you don't like the loopy beats and the DIY/garage echo of this album. It's so awesome. A perfect mix of everything synth-punk should be.

RIYL: Fucked Up, The Ponys
Play: all, but especially 3, 7, 8, 9

Gang Gang Dance - "Saint Dymphna"

NYC sample-pounders traipse their way through labrynthine synth layers on an adventure through eclectic rhythms of the world. Glimpses of reggaeton, West African, and Indian (tabla) appear, but all under one dancey, dreamy hot tin roof. This group has definitely made a move toward appeal & accessibility, in tune with Black Dice or Animal Collective. "Noise" is rare here, but catchy, audible guitar lines guide delay-drenched femme vox that fluctuate between XXY and 2nd grade squeals.

Play: 4 (slower, thickest), 6 (RIYL Tortoise + amphetamines), 8 (dancey, but sequencing is deliberately off = dreamy), 10 (standout, heavy on vocals, rock sensibility)

Crystal Stilts - "Alight Of Night"

This album is a fascinating combo of surf rock, western and no-wave, filtered through a fuzzy psychedelic filter. That is to say, the vocals are detached and remote, the guitars at once choppy and lilting, and the drumming muted. Think a Joy Division approach (circa Unknown Pleasures) to garage-surf, and you're getting there. Yet, not once does it sound derivative - everything clicks beautifully. Strange and wonderful, dreamy and detached - play the hell out of this.

RIYL: early Jesus + Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Raveonettes, Sunset Rubdown
Play: 1 (folksy but tense, great bass line), 2 (muted surf-y guitar), 3 (western-esque), 5 (a little peppier), 6 (reminds me of a lost Joy Division single, standout), 10 (ambling psychedelia)

Charty goodness:

Rank Artist Recording Label User
1 KINGS OF LEON Only By The Night RCA
2 SHY CHILD Noise Won't Stop Kill Rock Stars
3 BEN FOLDS Way To Normal Epic
4 ANE BRUN Changing Of The Seasons Cheap Lullaby
5 RA RA RIOT The Rhumb Line Barsuk
6 THESE UNITED STATES Crimes United Interests
7 MENAHAN STREET BAND Make The Road By Walking Dunham-Daptone
8 TOBACCO Fucked Up Friends Anticon
9 BLACK KEYS Attack And Release Nonesuch
10 SUBMARINES Honeysuckle Weeks Nettwerk
11 PORTUGAL. THE MAN Censored Colors Approaching AIRballoons-Equal Vision
12 PROCLIVITIES Handguns And Dancing Shoes Self-Released
13 HOSPITAL SHIPS Oh, Ramona Graveface
14 AVETT BROTHERS The Second Gleam Ramseur
15 LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION Ain't No Surprise Self-Released
16 RACHAEL YAMAGATA Elephants... Teeth Sinking Into Heart Warner Bros.
17 OASIS Dig Out Your Soul Big Brother-Reprise
18 WOMEN Women Jagjaguwar
20 XX TEENS Welcome To Goon Island Mute
21 STARFUCKER Starfucker Badman
22 HOTEL LIGHTS Firecracker People Bar/None
23 NEW YEAR The New Year Touch And Go
24 BROKEN WEST Now Or Heaven Merge
25 LENKA Lenka Epic
26 MINIATURE TIGERS Tell It To The Volcano Modern Art
27 JEALOUS GIRLFRIENDS Jealous Girlfriends Good Fences-Last Gang
28 ETTES Look At Life Again Soon Take Root
29 JENNY LEWIS Acid Tongue Warner Bros.
30 OF MONTREAL Skeletal Lamping Polyvinyl


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