Thursday, October 02, 2008

Livebloggin' 3: Palin in Africa

8:30, Palin, Climate Change: How can you not argue about the causes and argue only about the solutions? "Give those fuckers sandbags"? If you're getting slowly stabbed to death, do you say, "hey, let's not argue about the causes?"

8:32, Biden, Climate Change: Biden is a really tuned-in debater, check out that nice little "difference" move...way to make McCain look dumb, say drill, drill, drill with such disdain.

8:34, Palin, Climate change: Environmentally friendly drilling, yeah? Also, thanks, cheerleader mom, for making sure we get the cheer right. She's doing ok here though, bamboozling sufficiently.

8:35, Biden, Climate change: Sure he's lying about this clean coal stuff, sure the people at home are sure too. "Twenty times against alternative energy?" Eh, weak.

8:36, Biden, gay marriage: Stumbled a bit by telling independent bigots that he'll let gays kiss up on each other, but got to the hospital stuff, which is the meat of the issue.

8:37, Palin, gay marriage: She's home here, very comfortable, answer is really well shaped. Should reassure some socially liberal independents, but I wonder if people even care about this stuff (besides the christ kooks), when the economy is in the shitter.

8:39, Biden, gay marriage: No nuance, so no, and then nuance nuance nuance. Niiice.

8:39, Palin, Iraq: She's got this beauty queen bearing, looking straight at the camera that just comes off as weird. Nice on using Biden's own words. Ex-DJ Claire: "When Joe Biden smiles, I feel unsafe."

8:41, Biden, Iraq: "With all due respect, I didn't hear a plan" and just a bit of bite? Too much bite? The media shall decide. Either a good line or Biden's a meanie poopoo head..."We will end this war. For John McCain, there is no end to this war?" Nice, that'll echo.

8:42, Palin, Iraq: Clearly thrown off guard, "white flag of surrender"?, Biden's gotta answer back...this attack on Biden personally draws, pitbull time.

8:44, Biden, Iraq: See what I mean, senate record cancels out senate record. Overall weak reply, the same talking points.


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