Sunday, September 21, 2008

Raucous Rock 'n' Roll Fights, Volume 1


At 12:51 AM, Blogger Tony Renner said...

who? what? where?

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Tony Renner said...

oh, yeah, when? (we know why: crack cocaine).

At 9:37 AM, Blogger KWUR DJ said...

It's the Hospitals in Toronto. It is John Dwyer who slams his guitar into the promoter's face.

Apparently, The Hospitals, who were playing last at the show, kept getting pushed back. A really shitty local band kept on playing for over an hour. The Hospitals got tired of this and started playing in between the local band's songs as shown. The promoter got angry and got on the mic. The fight ensued.


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