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As many of you may remember, our budget for this year was cut down to about $30,000. Last year, it was around $50,000. I wish I could be coming to you with good news, but the proposed budget for next year has another tremendous cut for KWUR. The original proposed budget for next year allocated us only $20,868, which would severely cripple the station's ability to operate next year. I just checked our allocation again this morning, and it has dropped to $18238.54. This is a slap in the face to KWUR, and it shows that this year's SU execs do not value our station. Additionally, the Exec appeals account, which we appealed to for additional funds this year was cut from $75,000 to $30,000.

Fortunately, this figure is not necessarily final. In order for the 2008-9 general budget to be finalized, it must be approved by both SU Senate and SU Treasury. Treasury meets this Tuesday (I'm a member of the body and will be vocalizing my concerns and displeasure very strongly) and Senate meets this Wednesday and will be considering the general budget. It is of the utmost importance for as many KWUR DJ's and supporters to come to these meetings, to show that people on campus care about the station and will not stand idly by as the livelihood of KWUR is on the line.

Treasury meets this Tuesday at 9:15 PM, tentatively in Simon 110.
Senate meets this Wednesday at 9:15 PM, tentatively in Simon 113.
Please show up at both of these meetings and support KWUR!


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We're allowed to on the blog! Ain't no FCC rules bout bloggin.


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