Monday, March 10, 2008

Subversive Cinema: Tadanori Yokoo's Animations

Tadanori Yokoo is an internationally known graphic designer and poster artist. His work heavily draws upon pop-culture and he is sometimes unjustly labeled the "Japanese Andy Warhol."

In the 1960's he became interested in mysticism and psychedelia, deepened by travels in India. His work shows it.

Below is his 1965 animated film, Kachi Kachi Yama. It makes use of may pop icons of the 1960s from Bridget Bardot to the Beatles.

For those interested, all 3 Yokoo animated films available (the above film and KISS KISS KISS (1964) & Tokuten Eizou Anthology NO. 1 (1964)) can be viewed/downloaded in one package at Ubuweb.

Besides that, I can't offer much more information. Very little background in English is available on Yokoo's films. Either way, enjoy the films - they are completely visually stimulating.

[Note: Experimental composer (and Yoko Ono's first husband) Toshi Ichiyanagi's work, "Opera from the Works of Tadanori Yokoo" was directly inspired by Yokoo's artwork, who in a sense "Turned On" the composer. This multimedia box, a blend of musique concrete and psychedelic rock, is also definitely worth checking out]




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