Monday, October 15, 2007

Stars vs. Pitchfork

For those who know Stars, number 6 on KWUR charts last week, you may have read the Pitchfork review of their latest album, In Our Bedroom After the War. If not: Pitchfork Stars. It got a 7.4 - I know that's what you're all wondering anyways. Stars apparently wasn't too pleased with Mr. Ryan Dombol's opinion, because Torq Campbell responded (Torq's response) vehemently, to say the least. I guess the war's not quite over for Stars. However, I think most will agree that too much of the consensus regarding indie music is laid upon their smug shoulders. Anyways, Torq seems a bit mad, but isn't that what pop musicians are supposed to be like?



At 1:13 PM, Blogger Brother Rabbit said...

The comments on Torq's post are really funny. His fans sure do agree with him. I think he's a whiny bitch, though. I've never read a pitchfork review that wasn't 50% negative, even for highly rated albums. Although I guess that's his point. You have to be a real tool to take Pitchfork seriously.


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